About Us


One Step Back -> 2 Steps Forward

After obtaining my dual comp science associate degrees, I relocated to Austin and worked for Samsung for almost 10 yrs. I loved it but felt it was time for change. After working 10 months for a medical device company I got laid off on April fools day! :)  so I moved back to San Antonio (that was actually the plan... it just happened sooner). My plan was to start my food truck business and well here I am.  


Hitch It, Haul It, Serve It & Make someone's Tummy happy! Girl you've got this!

For me to want learn to haul my food trailer, hitch it and everything that comes with it tells you... I want you to try my food. My father showed me how to select meat cuts & cook! My biggest responsibility is delivering the best! My father is my imaginary quality check. 

My little girl is my business partner!

"Anyone Can Cook" so they say, but the key ingredient is the love you put into each meal

My satisfaction is watching your face when I pass my food to you.