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                                  Ellie Roberts & Bryan Roberts

                                 Ellie Roberts & Bryan Roberts


I have always said, "It's in my blood." My father taught my mother to cook and both taught me! Besides I come from a family who own their own taqueria's (Taco stops), meat markets, restaurants in various parts of mexico and in Texas. 

After working for Samsung Semiconductor for almost 10 years in Austin, I was recruited to work for a French Medical Device Company as an International Supply Chain Buyer/Planner. I loved working for Samsung but it was time for change. Needless to say the French Medical Device company got bought out and not even a year I was laid off on April's Fools Day in 2016 (funny now) but definitely happy I was never told, "April Fool's!" . As a single parent I just knew it's do it now or regret it for the rest of my life! I moved back home to San Antonio where my siblings & father live. During this transition, I met my soul mate and husband now. We actually worked together for Bexar County a few years back. He was an I.T. Director and I worked in a different department as a Business Systems Analyst for Bexar County's I.T. Division.. He is one amazing person and thankful everyday! He is also a retired DPD and I've never felt protected as I do now!

He once said how much he loved Mexican food and I replied, "You haven't had real Mexican food until you try my cooking."

What sparked a fire to get this off the ground was when my husband was laid off 3 days before Christmas the same year I was laid off. I mean, who does that? Who lays people off days before Christmas?!

We started the food truck selling grilled chicken but logistically it was tough. We could cut the smoke in our truck with a knife and we had the reddest eyes! LOL. So we begin with adding breakfast (tacos, burritos, tortas), lunch (street tacos, tortas, quesadillas, etc.) and just like that La Consentida began. Each meal we serve comes from our family to you. It really does! After several versions, we decided to go with my father's pastor original recipe! Since it has been a true blessing!. 

Tradition is our mission (maybe too much TMI but we got that from Moana!) .... but it's true! I'm keeping it traditional and most importantly recipes come from my family! 

Now I'm sure you are probably wondering what our name means. La Consentida is a term of endearment. For example, to your wife, girlfriend, significant other it means my love, my other half, my girl, my favorite you get it! Don't worry men simply change it to El Consentido and it means the same.

Many know our story, but if your new to following us here's a brief:

December 2016 - Building Food truck #1.
February 2017 - Food Truck opened for business
March 2017 - Restaurant Opened
May 2017 - Closed Restaurant
May 2017 - My husband after having 3 cardiac episodes had open heart surgery. After much discussion we decided to close the restaurant. I couldn't handle the restaurant, food truck & catering request. The restaurant overhead was much more costly. Besides we enjoy coming to you and serving you. Things always happen for a reason. We have much better plans. 1 step back --> 2 steps forward. To this we thank God for his redirection. .

La pachanga starts with yours truly La Consentida. Welcome to quality meets convenience!

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